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Leif Tea Co - Muma Tea

Our Mama tea has been specially blended with the magnificent bodies that grow life in mind. A delicious blend of rooibos and raspberry leaf with a hint of vanilla, it's the perfect combination for any expecting mama. This tea creates the perfect restful moment and is full of great ingredients to prepare a mama to meet her little one.

Naturally caffeine free. Not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Box - approx 20 cups
Jar - approx 40 cups
Refill - approx 40 cups



Organic Raspberry Leaf, Organic Rooibos, Organic Vanilla



We are proud to say that our teas are packaged in natural sustainable cello bags that are fully compostable. Just pop them in your compost with your veg scraps and it will turn into delicous food for your plants!

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